Weekly Drama Check in Post

In which I prattle on about shows I’ve been watching but haven’t felt an urge to devote an entire post too. (Those would be: Flower Boy Ramyun ShopFlower Boy Next Door, and Level 7 Civil Servant.)

First up, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop which continues to be fun and about which I’ve had an epiphany. I think it is working with the myth of Hwanung, only it’s reversing it.  photo ScreenShot2013-02-16at12721PM_zps873f79a8.pngWhich is totally awesome.  The epiphany was brought to me by Choi Kang-hyuk. His habit of falling asleep everywhere made me think of a sleepy bear. But with Eun-bi’s bear-likeness being so strongly underlined (though that being more her strength and temper), I thought maybe I was reaching.  Until I got a good look at the vest Kang-hyuk is wearing in the above scene.

Here’s a better shot:

fbrskh2 photo ScreenShot2013-02-16at12848PM1_zps0bec8e94.png

And one more:

fbrskh3 photo ScreenShot2013-02-16at13116PM_zps272475de.png

Do you see it? Here’s a close up:

fbrsbearvest photo 0f1600e4-5696-4c07-9a7b-357d5b4ebf27_zpsdff7f1ea.jpg

That is totally a bear! Which means! Rather than Eun-bi becoming human, leaving her bear persona behind as happens in the myth, it’s Hwanung (or Cha Chi-soo in this scenario) who’s learning to become more animal like.  Or at least, to leave behind the golden perfection of his world and come to a place where feelings and appetite and emotional connections matter.

Which means it matters that Ba-wool’s nickname is Crazy Rooster. Another animal, he’s the one who tells Eun-bi to not push down her true nature to become the idealized version of human she’s set up fbrsrooster photo ScreenShot2013-02-16at13209PM_zps9c04a5a0.png(the perfect teacher with the perfect clothes, perfect boyfriend, perfect life).  I… don’t know what Hyun Woo is supposed to be, animal-wise.  He’s definitely serving as Chi-soo’s interpreter in the land of emotion, though. So I expect something to pop up. If my theory holds. (Which I hope it does! Because reverse-myths are awesome!)

I’m in a weird place with Flower Boy Next Door. FBNDnest photo ScreenShot2013-01-30at62742PM_zpsc3984fae.pngI love it. I love to read other people’s thoughts about it. But I’m not as eager to write my own thoughts up. So I’m pretty much just mentioning it for the sake of mentioning it. Because I don’t want to leave the impression that my interest has died or the show’s quality has slipped.

I do kind of wish I’d saved it for a marathon. I think the entire story as a whole is something I need to digest before I can put my own thoughts together about it. So there’s this odd fragmented feel to the thing where I dive in for two episodes, but then have to put my thoughts on hold until the next eps come along.

Another odd one, but in a completely different way, is Level 7 Civil Servant. I love the characters, love the storyline, love the humor and the romance. I even love the cast. (All of the cast.) But there’s just this… weirdness, that keeps it all from coming together as it should. l7cscredits photo ScreenShot2013-02-09at42102PM_zps61bb8c30.pngPart of it is definitely pacing. LIttle throw-away scenes that are supposed to add a bounce of humor stick around for just long enough to slide from funny to annoying.

But the other part is an unfortunate old-fashionedness that carries with it a tinge of sexism that I realize is bugging me more than I’d first realized. Because of course the woman can’t drive and is crap at parking. And of course it’s the woman who has no sense of gun safety. And who giggles inanely when that gets pointed out.  It was there in the beginning, too, with pretty much all the female agents being all over the cute guys. (A few guys were all over the cute girls, but the ratio was definitely flipped.)

I call it an old-fashionedness though, because it really does feel like whoever’s behind it is trying really, really hard to not be sexist. Their best agent is a woman, their top trainer is a woman, their smartest villain is a woman. And the guys have their goofy moments. And I strongly suspect the biggest dirtbag is going to be a guy. (I so, so suspect the Director is a ginormous traitor who is responsible for all the wrongs that’ve been done.) But when they go funny their old-fashioned views slip out. So… *sigh* …I’ll keep watching. (I do kind of wish the show could get a do-over. So much potential!)


2 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check in Post

  1. Wow, interesting theory on FBRS! I’d never noticed those motifs or even gave it much thought when I watched it! I’m interested to see how your theory pans out! ^^

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