What’s Up? (the review)

whatsup photo photo209905_zpsd851f31d.jpgWhat’s Up?
air date: 12.03.2011 through 2.5.2012
number of eps: 18
I watched it: marathon

In a nutshell: One of only two dramas I’ve ever seen set in college. And also a musical! I enjoyed it for the glimpse into college life, the motley crew of characters doing the college thing of finding themselves and their bliss, and for the little moments of “hey kids, let’s put on a show!”. I wish there’d been more show-bits and I wish we’d explored the different characters a little more in-depth (I got bored with the leads in the second half of the drama). But over all, I enjoyed it.

The stand-outs: This was Jo Jung-suk’s first drama and he was awesome. As he’s continued to be awesome (in completely different ways). So I’m pleased I caught him from the beginning. I loved Im Joo-eun as a girl breaking out of the perfect-doll her mom wants her to be and trying to figure out her own path.
whatsup1 photo f14c09ff-fe41-4213-89d3-217796dab5e4_zps104acc53.jpg

whatsup2 photo 37901642_zps8c2f5523.jpg

But otherwise, I saw this a while ago so I can’t think of specifics. It wasn’t as good as it could have been (slid into cliche a little towards the end there) but I enjoyed it. And the college-setting really is rare. I’m not sure why. We’ll get glimpses in flashbacks, and sometimes a brief interlude as characters transition from high school to adulthood, but college as the base is few and far between. Must not be popular with the viewers, unlike high school settings. Maybe that’s part of the reason this drama sat on the shelf for so long before being picked up? Too bad. More college stories, I say! πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “What’s Up? (the review)

  1. Hey, I didn’t know Jo Jung Suk was in this drama. I like his role in King 2 Hearts! (*^__^*)
    If some free time comes my way this weekend, I’ll try to watch this one just for him, although I’m planning to marathon Equator Man this weekend though. πŸ˜‰
    P.S. Thanks for replying to our comments. You’re so gracious to your readers. πŸ™‚

    • I think this was Jo Jung Suk’s very first drama ever! (And he totally stole the show. Setting a precedent, obviously. ;))

      I have to say, I love replying to comments. Having a conversation about dramas and such is exactly what I started the blog for, so I’m really glad to hear that’s a good thing for you, too. πŸ™‚

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