Weekly Drama Check-in Post

Aaaand… it’s a routine.
fbrsafter photo ScreenShot2013-02-09at43059PM_zps6dce0e61.png

A whole lot of life stuff kept me from my drama-watching. (Really life, why you got to be like that?) So I didn’t get much viewing in. Flower Boy Next Door continues to be awesome. We’re three episodes into Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and so far the husband likes it. And Level 7 Civil Servant has managed to keep me amused.

I can say it’s kind of interesting watching these two “Flower Boy” shows at relatively the same time. Their names are similar (as dictated by the Oh!Boy series TvN is running, I’d imagine) and they share the same PD — but they’re very much two different beasties.

Ramyun Shop is almost like a fable. It’s characters are tweaked to something slightly beyond normal, and there’s a lot of call backs to the myth of Hwanung and the bear. Next Door is a lot more realistic. There’s comparisons between Dok-mi and Rapunzel but her social anxiety is treated seriously unlike Eun-bi’s epic, bear-like, strength and temper.

fbrsbefore photo ScreenShot2013-02-09at43152PM_zpsc50bdb32.png

the angry bear Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

fbndfaint photo ScreenShot2013-02-09at44128PM2_zps2a8713ac.png

Go Dok-mi in Flower Boy Next Door

It’s kind of cool to see those differences. I feel like it’s enhancing my viewing pleasure, which is always awesome.

Moving on to our secret agents in Level 7 Civil Servant — I’m still watching! l7cscredits photo ScreenShot2013-02-09at42102PM_zps61bb8c30.pngIt keeps me laughing and that’s good enough for me. Plus, I’m now fully onboard with the Gil-ro / Seo-won relationship. Really, all it took was both of them deciding they like each other. Once that occurred, even with the “but we shouldn’t like each other” shenanigans, chemistry happened.

They do struggle with pacing, though. I get the background they were setting up — she’s always met him while hiding behind some sort of lie — and I like it. But they really took the long way around to giving us that foundation. And we still have “screech the story to a halt” moments where I suspect they’re building background for a later reveal, but it goes on forever. (Pretty much anything having to do with Seo-won’s parents fall under this heading.) So I’m still not going to recommend it to anyone who isn’t already keen to watch.

(And now I realize it’s less that I’ve watched less drama as they’ve not been tickling my thinking bone. Though again, I’m going to blame life — it’s been a monopolizer this week.)


3 thoughts on “Weekly Drama Check-in Post

  1. It’s a sad situation when the only one of the currently airing k-dramas I’m watching is FBND. Well, not sad for my studies as I (theoretically) can now dedicate more time for that. ;P Spy shenanigans didn’t grab me at all and I’m having serious doubts about ‘Incarnation of Money’. I haven’t been able to get past ep 1. Something is just off there. The first 2 episodes of ‘Ad Genius’ weren’t bad, I liked the OTP but I’m not hooked yet. It might be a keeper….. or not. Oh well, I think I might just finish my darling, darling ILiCDD. One can never go wrong with that one. 🙂

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