Watching with the husband…

FBRS2 photo ramyun16_zpsc6ad315b.jpgI just started a re-watch of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop with the husband! I’m excited to see how he likes it. So far so good. He’s in agreement with Cha Chi-soo about crying, anyway, which is a good first step. (Read: not fans — which does limit the k-dramas I can show him.)

I’m careful about what I show him, because I totally recognize the intenseness of my k-drama-love is not necessarily shared by him. And I don’t want to turn him off the entire universe of k-drama. So far though, he’s been happy with what we’ve watched together. Here’s hoping the trend continues!

14 thoughts on “Watching with the husband…

  1. I experienced the same thing with a friend! She was totally willing to watch a show with me because I kept talking about it, but I tried to be really careful with my picks because I didn’t want her to be turned off.

    I never finished Flower Boy Ramen Shop because I had super intense second lead syndrome and it was like the third time in the row that had happened (I had previously watched Dream High and You’re Beautiful), so I didn’t want to go through it again. It was a fun show though, and I enjoyed it until I realized I was going to be spending more time screaming at my computer than was acceptable (if that’s ever acceptable…)

    • Second-lead syndrome is so not fun, especially if it’s intense. And I can totally see how easy it’d be in FBRS. I had the benefit of both knowing Jung Il-woo was going to be the guy and also watching it for Jung Il-woo — so I was pretty well inoculated. (I will say, a case of SLS for “You’re Beautiful” is what got me through “Heartstrings”. Sure the plot kind of stopped happening, but at least I got to see those two crazy kids get together!)

      Also, I think sometimes the most stressful thing is when someone finally breaks and agrees to watch a k-drama and then asks, “So, what should I watch?” 😉

      • Yes I watched Heartstrings for that exact reason after my friend (who coincidentally got me interested in kdramas) assured me I would be happy with the result. It’s so hard to make recommendations. I feel like Dream High is a good one because it is more episodic so more similar to American Television shows, but I feel like you can easily get second-lead syndrome and the ending is ambiguous, so I feel like I would be leading them astray. So then I’m just like, let’s watch SUFBB because there are a lot of attractive guys.

        • Hah! SUFBB is such a good safety call! 😀 Though I also agree with Dream High being a good watch (got the husband to watch it; he was amused; also, I’ve never really had to worry about second-lead syndrome with him ;)). But yeah, only if you’re pretty sure they’ll start cheering for the right guy. No one knows the psychological aspect that goes in to this!

  2. How fun, that your hubs is willing to watch something with you! 🙂 Is he a an action fan? I thought perhaps something like Chuno or City Hunter might go down well with guys in general 🙂

    • We’ve watched “City Hunter” and that definitely worked for him. As did “Vampire Prosecutor”. I think the first was SKKS (that was the first drama I watched that I thought he’d enjoy; “Boys Over Flowers” would not have worked ;)). “Chuno” is one I’m thinking of for the future. I agree, action-adventure is a good way to go.

        • Tree we’ve seen. That’s one we watched where I hadn’t actually seen it yet. It was a well-chosen gamble. 😉 I did try Gaksital, but hit the mood a little badly. He had a lot of deadline stress at work at the time so when the mom had her breakdown in the first ep. he checked out. I switched us over to Answer Me 1997 (it was a good save!). But, I think I might be able to swing Gaksital back past him in the not too distant (maybe after FBRS?). He read my review and it intrigued him a bit.

  3. wow…. that’s cool 🙂
    I told so many people about kdramas but no one was ready to give it a chance….
    then I asked my mom to watch them with me….so she agreed and I made her watch You’re Beautiful….she loved it…..and now she has also become a kdrama fan 😀

    • I’ve done the same kind of “spreading the news”, but it’s a hard thing to make stick. Until you know the glory of it, 16 hours can sound like a pretty big commitment. (Of course, we know better. ;))

      That’s awesome that you hooked your mom! It’s always nice to see someone realize how very, very good k-dramas can be.

  4. That’s really sweet that you’re watching this with your husband 🙂 I enjoyed the series much! I’ve introduced kdramas to friends before,so far with little success (only when I recommended “My Name is Kim-Sam soon”–one of all time faves). Happy lunar new year!

    • Happy Lunar New Year! 😀

      Ooh, I loved “My Name is Kim Sam-soom”! That was such a gooder and a pretty early watch for me. Such a good initiation into k-dramas. 🙂

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