Partly this is an experiment in re-blogging (I’m so eager to see what this looks like!) and partly this is to answer a really, really important question: Am I the only one who likes the orange hair?

the talking cupboard

Park Ki-woong! Yeah, he’s still sporting that hairstyle for his latest project and he’s featured in the Fast magazine. He’s brave to pick this hair color for the role and hopefully it’ll be worth the sacrifice. I’m the one who’s worried about his hair because it’s frequently changing: from black to blonde for Full House Take 2, then back to black for Bridal Mask, and then this time orange. I don’t care if he’s called an Onion or a Parrot because of the hair; he’s rocking it with style and cheekiness.


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    • *sigh* Ah, well. It’ll just be me and Park Ki-woong then… Though, he’s probably said something in an interview about not loving the hair, but he’s got this part… Or something equally heartbreaking. 😉

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