What should I watch? (The Poll)

I’m watching a few dramas live, but I’m kind of in the mood for a marathon. Only I don’t know what to watch. Also, I’ve never done a poll before. So I thought I’d smash both issues together and create… my first ever poll!

(Whatever I end up watching I’ll react to and eventually review.)


16 thoughts on “What should I watch? (The Poll)

    • I don’t knooooow! I’m so wishy-washy right now. Just, something good and enjoyable that will have me eager to see the next episode. If that helps! 😉

      • Coz I’m not sure of what you’ve watched besides the 2012 list, I’m going to just throw out a bunch of suggestions, hopefully you’ll like something here!
        – Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (Hong sisters, fabulously cute!)
        – Coffee Prince (Adorable romance, lots of fun)
        – City Hall (funny in the beginning, turns into a lovely romance)
        – My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (Hong sisters, funny & very cute, also romantic)
        – You’re Beautiful (Hong sisters, fabulously fun)
        – Sungkyunkwan Scandal (fusion sageuk, lots of fun, loved this)
        – City Hunter (action hero, Lee Min Ho, very engaging)
        – Time Between Dog & Wolf (action spy drama with a good amount of heart)
        – The Princess’ Man (awesome sageuk, great in every way)
        – Tree With Deep Roots (intense, interesting, absorbing)
        – Pasta (I loved this coz of the fabulous chemistry between the leads & the sweet romance, but others didn’t like the relatively small story)

        Ok! I’m done! Hope there’s something that strikes your fancy. If not, my vote in your poll goes to Return of Iljimae coz Jung Il Woo rawks ;D

        • I need to write up a list of all the dramas I’ve watched. 🙂 Because your list is excellent and I’ve seen a good amount of them and totally agree with your recommending them. But there’s a few I haven’t seen and now I’m really eager to see them because of the company they’re in! So that’s awesome. 🙂

  1. Hi there!

    I share many of @kfangurl’s recommendations:

    Coffee Prince
    Sungkyunkwan Scandal
    City Hunter
    Tree With Deep Roots
    You’re Beautiful

    I’d like to add “Painter of the Wind”, a historical (saeguk) drama starring Moon Geun Young (currently in Alice in Cheongdamdong). This was the drama where she won the Daesung Award in 2007 and became the youngest actor/actress ever to win such a prestigious award.

    Also, I’d recommend “My Girl”, the first rom-com that sealed my addiction to K-drama.
    Its writers are the same Hong sisters who wrote “You’re Beautiful” and “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”.

    “Goong” is another lovely rom-com. It’s a fusion saeguk. Its lead actress is the same one in “Coffee Prince”. Of the 2 dramas, I liked “Goong” more.

    Lastly, this one you may know already.The head writers of “Tree With Deep Roots” were the ones for whom the current writers of “Alice in Cheongdamdong” were working with or were assisting. The writing in the “Tree With Deep Roots”, I thought was outstanding, because every episode had an exciting cliffhanger. So, I highly recommend “Tree With Deep Roots”.

    Have fun in your marathon watching!
    P.S. I like the origin of your blog’s name “Creating Volumes”. Inspiring! (^__^)

    • P.S.# 2 – I’ve seen Hong Gil Dong. At first I thought it was a little OA but I liked it as the story progresses. The mixed reviews maybe due to the ending. It was an un-conventional kind of ending. Sorry, I’ve not seen the other 2 dramas you listed in your poll so I couldn’t comment on them.

      • Hello! 🙂 Yes, its unconventional ending wasn’t bad; it’s just unexpected and decreased a little (just little) my love for the drama. So, yes please feel free to include it in your “to watch” list. Yes, OA means overacting.

        • Huzzah! I feel clever for figuring out the OA meaning. 😀 I think it’ll be good going into the drama with an expectation of an unexpected ending. I may end up liking it more since I’m braced for it. 🙂

    • More to add to my “to watch” list, thanks! I really do need to do a quick and dirty “dramas I’ve seen” list, I now realize. I have actually seen “Tree with Deep Roots” — I watched that with my husband and we both really, really enjoyed it. I did not realize there was a connection between the two shows, though! I feel like “Alice in Cheongdamn-dong” has a deeper underlying point it’s making. Which is part of what made TwDR so fascinating. So obviously the assistants learned well. 🙂

      (Heh. I felt very clever when I came up with the blog name. Then I realized I’d misremembered the quote and felt kind of foolish. Then I was like, “well, it actually works so…” and felt a bit better. And now I feel good! Thanks! :D)

      • Awesome that you also saw TwDR! Were you one of the commenters in dramabeans blog during the broadcast of TwDR? During that time, the exchange of ideas and wonderful information about the history of the Korean language and how politics influenced it were almost inexhaustible. I learned a lot just reading the comments. 🙂

        • I missed out on commenting on TwDR because we watched it pretty far after it was done. It had interested me, but I don’t think I’d begun watching live by that point. I’d been pretty strict about waiting until a drama was done so I wouldn’t “waste my time” on a bad drama. (Then I began watching live and discovered the fun that comes from being able to comment, even if the drama turns out badly. Not a waste of time at all, as it turns out. :))

          But I did read the recaps on Dramabeans and at least some of the comments and I remember really enjoying them. You really can learn a lot in doing so!

  2. here are some suggestions:
    rom-com: 9 End 2 Outs, Sweet 18, coffee house.
    rom-com plus some family: Shining Inheritance.

    I hope that helps 🙂

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