Rooftop Prince: the Review

rooftopprince photo 185cc_rooftop_21_zpsa878ae47.jpgRooftop Prince
air date: 3.21.2012 through 5.24.2012
number of eps: 20
I watched it: a laid-back sort of marathon

In a nutshell: This started out as silly and as fun as the premise suggested: a Joseon-era crown-prince and his entourage (advisor, bodyguard, eunuch*) get worm-holed into the present day, landing in our heroine’s rooftop apartment. (Rooftop apartments are generally cheap places to live in South Korea — in drama-land, anyway. Not to be confused with penthouses.) But the plot got really top-heavy, trying to fit a murder-mystery, court-intrigue, and corporate-takeovers into what began life as a rom-com. One of those elements would have done to add a little depth and darkness to balance out the silly and sweet. But all three overpowered the story, canceling each other (and the silly stuff, most tragically) out, and leaving me with a final feeling of “meh” by the time it ended.  Which was too bad because the comic bits were golden.

*An inclusion that raised so many questions for me. Especially after the eunuch gets whisked off to the hospital for emergency appendicitis surgery and no one mentions anything related to his… eunuch-ness. (My confusion was later compounded when the king’s eunuch in Faith gives marital advice. Based on personal, on-going experience.) Does that word mean what it’s supposed to mean? I have yet to find out.


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