Twelve Men in a Year: the Review

12meninayearTwelve Men in a Year
(aka: Twelve Signs of Love)
air date: 2.15.2012 through 4.5.2012
number of eps: 16
I watched it: laid back marathon

In a nutshell: An about-to-turn-thirty journalist breaks up with her long-time boyfriend just as she’s finagled into ghost-writing a sex column. Shenanigan’s happen. A simple plot and an easy, fun watch. I enjoyed this! It cleared out the bad-taste left from I Need Romance …and is most likely why I gave I Need Romance 2012 a try. But that’s hardly this drama’s fault.

A few more hazy details: It’s been a while since I watched Twelve Men in a Year so my memory of it is fairly sketchy. I remember really, really liking the best friend and her story line (introducing me to actress Go Joon-hee) and I remember being pleased with the way our protagonist grew and changed over the course of the drama (furthering my love for Yoon Jin-seo, the reason I watched in the first place). I didn’t feel any need to watch it again, but I was glad to have checked it out.

There was very little buzz for this drama and no reviews or recommendations from my usual go-to people. So I risked my viewing pleasure on a cute premise and a familiar actor. Risk rewarded!


7 thoughts on “Twelve Men in a Year: the Review

  1. I’ve been on the fence on whether to check this out. I liked the premise, but there was so little buzz over it! Someone I know hated it, so it’s nice to hear that you liked it 🙂

    • I did like it! 🙂 I mean, I don’t want to oversell it in that it didn’t change my world or anything. But as a fun drama to pass the time? Definitely worth trying.

  2. sometimes it’s good to watch a drama when we have no reviews or recommendations….as I think we become biased when we hear a lot about a drama….

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