Coming down to the wire!

And my nerves are all a-jangled! We’ve just got two episodes left and I am so, so eager to see how it all ends. I’m even starting to think it might end with a happily-ever-after for our leads. (Which I hope doesn’t turn around and bite me on the ass.)

Questions I want answered: What, exactly, is the relationship between Han Tae-joon (evil-daddy) and Kang Hyun-joo (crazy-mom)? Is she his step-mom? His sister? A previous business partner? (I doubt the last. I’m sure there’s some sort of blood-tie, tenuous though it might be.)

And what the hell is that key? Does it actually open anything or was it purely a symbol Harry (Joon) fixated on?

And… actually… that’s pretty much it.  I think the other mysteries have been solved.

Spoilers through ep. 19 below cut.

Original-Harry and our-Harry are the killers. (I adored the story behind original-Harry and our-Harry’s bond, and how it grew out of our-Harry’s killing Detective Kim. There’s such a “lost-boys” aspect to it.) Our-Harry killed the rapist. Original-Harry killed the rapist’s brother. Our-Harry killed the nurse.

I think our-Harry… okay, I’m going to call him Joon now. I think Joon killed them (or had them killed) to get revenge for Soo-yeon and also pull Jung-woo into ferreting out his dad’s past sins.  He did the money scheme to leave Han Tae-joon bankrupt and powerless when Jung-woo came to arrest him. And then he planned to sit back and enjoy the delicious, delicious tears of his enemies angst. From France. Next to his lovely wife, Joy. (Who, by the way, I still lean towards calling Zoey.)

But then Joy went and began thinking for herself and healing and growing. And suddenly she’s Soo-yeon again and falling in love with Jung-woo again. So Joon went crazy and now he’s making it all up on the fly while in full tantrum-mode. Which, since he’s a man with money and power, and not a child, makes him extra-scary right now.

(It was a brilliant bit of casting, by the way, having Yoo Seung Ho play Joon. YSH has enough presence to play the incredibly intelligent, careful and deliberate Joon of the beginning. But he’s young enough that when it all falls apart and Joon starts to fall apart with it, you can really see him as the little boy he still is inside. I can’t imagine another actor in the role.)

I began the show thinking the future-vision of Jung-woo shooting himself probably meant that wasn’t going to happen. And I still think that. (If there was anyone less suicidal…) But that aspect of the future-vision is still there, a shoe that’s not dropped. And… oh, my poor jangling nerves! Is it Thursday yet?


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