Oh my gosh, adorable!

I’ve just watched the first episode of Flower Boy Next Door and so far so fun!


The directing is amusing and slightly heightened past reality — enough to highlight the humor but not so much it becomes silly.  The characters, thus far, are likable and sympathetic. I pretty much adore Park Shin-hye’s character. Which I’m doubly pleased about. Because a, I really like the actress (fell for her in You’re Beautiful, then had that love cemented in Heartstrings), and b, earlier character descriptions made her sound like a creeper. But she’s not! Just a little… different. Isolated and lonely and shy in a way that makes you want to tuck her safely under your arm and give her a mug of hot-cocoa with extra marshmallows.

Yoon Shi-yoon had a slightly harder path to climb. I’ve seen adorably-charming before. Not that it’s at all off-putting, but it could easily slide into been-there-seen-it-yawn territory.  But by turning the adorableness notch up to about 11 (the scene with his brother(?) was like adorable-concentrate) and giving it an almost manic feel I became intrigued.  Who is this mysterious panda? And why so cute?

The one danger I see looming is a serious case of second-lead syndrome.  I’ve never seen Kim Ji-hoon before, but so far? I like. Especially since his character seems to have the “keep her safe and warm” instinct with our main lead as well.

I look forward to watching the second episode.  And then waiting the long agonizing wait for next week’s new eps.


6 thoughts on “Oh my gosh, adorable!

  1. I watched both episodes and the jury is still out. Romcoms are usually not not my thing and this can easily turn out to be a little too cutesey for my taste. We’ll see…

    Kim Ji-hoon… I’ve only properly seen him in Joseon X-files, which I loved. It was a bit different role form what he had done so far and he sort of nailed it. Atm I’m watching, ever so sloooowly (when I have time from other stuff) him in Love Marriage/Matchmaker’s Lover. Gosh, he’s prettier than the females. LOL!

    Oh and the guy Yoon Shi-yoon’s character moved in with. I’m pretty sure he’s a cousin.

    • It’s the same director as Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, so I strongly suspect cutesey will play a part. 😉 But the second episode brought a little more shadow to their world with Go Dok-mi’s phobia. So I’m hoping there’ll be some savor to balance out the sweet. However, I can handle (and even enjoy!) cutesy, so I’ll not be the best judge of how much is too much.

      Joseon X-Files is so, so, so on my to-watch list. It’s one I want to watch with my husband, because it’s the sort of thing he’d enjoy. There’s not a lot of dramas I’ll risk watching with him without my vetting it first, but this one definitely qualifies.

      Oh and the guy Yoon Shi-yoon’s character moved in with. I’m pretty sure he’s a cousin.

      Ah, cousin! If they’re close, the older one gets called Hyung as well, right? I’m pretty sure I heard a “hyung” in there.

      • Well, I didn’t like FBRS at all (mainly because I found the the main threesome highly irritating) and ended up dropping it half way through so if this one is very similar I may make a hasty exit as well. That said, my initial impression of FB Next Door is much more favourable.

        Joseon X-files was such a departure from the norm that I found it refreshing. It’s also one of those shows you have to pay attention to or you loose the thread or miss something vital. 🙂

        Yup, hyung is any close older male (to another male), whether they are blood related or not. Or hyungnim in some cases…that’s more respectful. Korean personal hierarchy can give one a good sized headache, that’s for sure. ;P

        • Now that I’ve gotten more used to it and tiny (very teeny tiny) bit better at hearing the various titles used, I find it can be a helpful shortcut in figuring out the relationship between characters. At least, the level of closeness.

          It’s also one of those shows you have to pay attention to or you loose the thread or miss something vital.

          That’s one of my favorite kind of stories! Oh, the anticipation. 🙂

    • I know, right? Yoon Shi-yoon is going to have to work extra special hard to get me to swing onto his side. (Which he might have done in the last few eps. I’m looking forward to watching eps 3 and 4 today — if all goes as planned.)

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