The Best (and worst) K-Dramas of 2012

These are all the K-dramas I watched in 2012, carefully listed in order of preference. A couple of things to keep in mind:

I define a “2012 K-Drama” as a drama that ends in 2012.  An ending can too easily make or (unfortunately more often) break a drama for me, so until the final cast-and-crew pictures roll, I ain’t counting it done.  Which means there are a few dramas here that might be considered 2011 K-Drama’s in other lists since they barely squeak into 2012. But this is the way that best works for me.

Of course, any list of this kind is subjective. I know there are people who loved the dramas I hated, and vice versa. The middle categories especially, where I separate “the good” from “the better,” falls into deep subjectivity. Something that bugged the heck out of me might be only a minor blip to another viewer (and again, vice versa). The links go to my reviews, so you can see what my thoughts are (and get a clearer sense of where I went so crazy wrong *g*). Within each category I’ve gone with alphabetical order. Because tweaking it at that level would have driven me mad with indecisiveness and over-thinking.

Let me know what you think! And definitely let me know if there’s a 2012 K-Drama I’ve totally missed.

The Worst: (aka: I watched them; now you don’t have to)2012worst photo 2012worstcollage_zps3e562ac6.jpg
Fashion King
I Need Romance 2012
Moon that Embraces the Sun, The
Rooftop Prince



The Good: (aka: flawed but still enjoyable)
2012good photo good2012collage_zpsb246e0f8.jpgBeloved
Full House Take 2
History of the Salaryman
King 2 Hearts, The
Nice Guy
Ojakgyo Brothers
Twelve Men in a Year
What’s Up?


2012better photo 2012bettercollage_zps38397818.jpgThe Better: (aka: so close to awesome — so, so close)
Arang and the Magistrate
Bridal Mask (aka: Gaksital)
Equator Man, The
High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short Legged


The Best: (aka: awesome achieved)2012bestcollage photo 2012bestcollage_zps8dde4a66.jpg
Answer Me 1997
Queen In-hyun’s Man
Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Here, I really dive deep into subjectivity. Because there can be only one and, as far as I’m concerned, any of “The Best” is deserving of the win. It honestly comes down to what sort of story I prefer. And I do adore a good romance so…

Best K-Drama of 2012:

2012onlyonecollage photo 2012onlyonecollage_zpsa414ab34.jpg

Queen In-hyun’s Man


2 thoughts on “The Best (and worst) K-Dramas of 2012

  1. Eh? I have just finished Reply 1997. One of my all-time-favourite Kdramas :). I thought that you would love this drama too, and then go checking your blog.
    Haha, I didn’t guess wrong :D. (Now I running to check your other entries about Reply1997, sure that I will find many interesting things xD)

    Did you try watching La Dolce Vita and Alone in love? I think that these 2 wonderful dramas will fit you well :).

    • I haven’t seen those, thank you for the recommendations! That’s the best way to find good shows. 🙂

      Reply 1997 was so much fun, wasn’t it? (I’m afraid I didn’t write much about it because I didn’t have this blog back when I saw it. But hopefully you’ll find other stuff you’ll enjoy.;))

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