And it’s starting to come together…

Huzzah! I’ve successfully posted a review! It’s one I wrote late last year when I was prepping for a “best of, worst of” list for 2012. (As well as doing a test-run to see if I had the discipline to handle a blog.)  I’ve got a whole back-log of 2012 reviews to post (pulled over from my Livejournal account). And I anticipate posting 2013 reviews as well as “K-Dramas of Yesteryear” (aka: anything older than 2012) reviews.

The plus is that this blog will be busy. The minus is it’ll be a little chaotic to start with — reviews coming from everywhere!  So to bring a little bit of order to the game my next post will be my Best K-Drama of 2012 choice. That will provide a list of what dramas I watched in 2012 as well as a sense of my taste. And it’ll give me time to play around with what wordpress has to offer as I post. Everyone wins! 🙂


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